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Trans4m offers a short course, personalised to meet the needs of the learner.  Most learners will attend the centre for 4 sessions per week, planned to provide the most appropriate choices that will prepare learners for moving forward. 

Throughout the course there will be a high level of support available which will include mentoring, counselling, advice and guidance, with a focus on achieving soft outcomes such as timekeeping, communication, team building, personal presentation etc.  Workshops will be arranged that will provide further advice and guidance on support for young people and raising awareness of current issues they may experience.


There will be a review in week 3 or 4, where progress will be discussed and progressions planned for transition to either our Study Programme, or other training providers such as Juniper, Babington, YEP, Wise Origin etc.  Support will be provided to Learners throughout the transition period to reduce the risk of disengagement.  



'This project is [funded/part-funded] by the European Union through the European Social Fund.

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