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Whether you were just a few marks from a grade 4 in your GCSE, or you need to start from scratch, we have a course at your level and will help you reach the next. A qualification in maths is now essential for any career and we offer two main options for improving your skills:

There are two maths routes:

GCSE Maths

If you achieved either a grade 3 in your GCSE you will be studying to sit the GCSE exams in either November or June. You will complete GCSE assessments and skills checks to identify your weak areas, allowing your tutor to provide you with personalised resources to give you the best chance of success.  

Functional Skills Maths 

This qualification has five levels and we can match you to a group and level that is achievable for you. There are three Entry levels, followed by Level 1 (equal to grade 3 at GCSE) and Level 2 (equal to grade 4 at GCSE). Functional Skills qualifications are recognised by all training providers and employers, so you can be confident about progressing into further education or employment.


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